X8 Sandbox,F1 VM on Android 12 repair tutorial

repair tutorial:


After successfully repairing once, theoretically it does not need to be repaired again.
If the subsequent X8 Sandbox/F1 VM machine is still stuck or running in the background is unstable, you can try to activate it again.

Update Android 12

Reasons why the X8 Sandbox/F1 VM machine cannot be used:

The main reason is that the Android 12 system restricts background processes, resulting in the X8 Sandbox/F1 VM not being able to start, running stuck and other problems.
Therefore, it is necessary to remove this restriction through the 【X8/F1 Launcher】.

Use the tutorial:

1. Connect your phone to WiFi.
2. Open the x8/F1 Launcher, and according to the prompts, activate each permission switch and watch the video operation.
3. Go to phone settings->Developer options->Wireless debugging->Use pairing code to pair the device.
4. Slide down the notification bar to see the input box of the notification bar of the x8/F1 Launcher.
5. Enter the pairing code just displayed to complete the pairing.